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Let’s Chat Call – 15 minutes.     FREE

Its a meet and greet, getting to know one another, discovering a bit about  available services, and a willingness to move forward. 

Ignite your Health Strategy Session – 90 minutes. $250

Let’s dive deep into where you are currently, where you would love to be, what you have tried in the past. What has worked? What hasn’t worked? What are your goals? What is keeping you stuck? What excites you? What are your passions? 

Follow up call – 45 minutes – $120

Are you needing more time to decide but still want some clarification? Needing extra support? Do you have questions of the services I provide. In this session, I will be able to provide coaching on one area, giving you one key takeaway that you can apply right away. 

Your Brain Counts 90 Day Program 

Are you needing a Renewed Perspective on your health? Are you struggling with your sleep? Is sleeplessness affecting your sleep, mood and leaving you discouraged, depressed and deflated? 

Meet with me weekly – $2400

Meet with me bimonthly – $1200

30 Days to a Better Brain Challenge – $47

Every day, you will receive a simple yet powerful Brain Boost challenge to complete. It’s like working movement into your day or taking a tech timeout. Each Brain Boost Challenge is designed to enhance your mental wellness, support your physical health, improve your overall well-being, and fit into your everyday life. 

Brain Warriors Way Program – $1250

Are you wanting to be more successful in school, work, relationships and work?  Are you seeking a direct access to the world’s leading health experts? Are you wanting to improve your self esteem, boost your confidence, and feel like the best version of yourself?  Are you ready to take your future into your own hands and improve your health and well being?   In this program you will learn how to:  Change your mindset and motivate yourself to be healthy, Improve your brain by taking the Brain Health Assessment  Discover which foods and supplements can help fuel success Establish daily habits and routines to protect your health Transform your pain into purpose Create your own Brain Warrior tribe Gain the skills that will last you a lifetime.  Group Sessions are 60 minutes each over a 6 month period   You are in a war for the health of your brain.  To win the war, you need to MASTER the Brain Warriors Way.