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As a busy mother of four, I understand the importance of sleep. However, with my hectic schedule juggling the roles of a mother, wife, coach, and nurse, I must consciously prioritize my sleep for the sake of my health. Women are often pulled in various directions, and we frequently overlook the one thing that can truly rejuvenate us, providing us with energy, clarity, and motivation: our sleep!

My coaching journey began in 2015

I simply wanted to make a difference in others' lives, as I was feeling stagnant in my current situation. You see, I'm a nurse and have held this position since 1995. While I've always enjoyed taking care of people, there never seemed to be enough time to truly connect with my patients. I yearned to have a more significant impact on people's lives. I was aware of the existence of life coaches but had never considered that I could become a Health Coach myself.